Tecnología de monitoreo y seguridad corporativa

Boost your transportation services with OnTrack

Increase route efficiency and comply with your Strategic Road Safety Plan through our real-time vehicle tracking and management technology

Real-time monitoring and efficient management of transportation routes

Guaranteed safety and efficiency for companies, drivers, and passengers

OnTrack Road is a system that offers special transport companies the possibility to manage and optimize their operation through a robust web platform, specially designed mobile applications, and high-precision GPS devices.

Empresas de transporte especial - OnTrack

Ensure safe and high-quality passenger transportation services with:

Route optimization

Pre-operational checklist recording

Strategic Road Safety Plan monitoring

Detailed trip reports

Scheduled and on-demand routes

Generate your 'FUEC' in 3 simple steps with OnTrack!

With the ‘FUEC’ (single contract statement) generation module, in PDF format and with digital signature, your documentation will comply with the resolutions of the Ministry of Transport of Colombia accurately and without complications.

How does it work?

  • Create the template for your 'FUEC'

  • Enter the required data whenever you need to issue a 'FUEC'

  • View and download your 'FUEC'

Join today the specialized transportation companies that already rely on OnTrack to manage their operation!

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