Sales Force & Logistics by OnTrack Enterprise

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Sales Force & Logistics de OnTrack Enterprise

Meet Sales Force by OnTrack Enterprise

A complete platform for managing and tracking your sales force in real time.

Through the platform you will be able to receive work orders in real time directly from customers and effectively plan your team’s routes, which will help you deliver a high quality service.

Create the forms to be filled out by your operators when providing a service.

Visualize the routes of your sales force in real time.

Receive work orders directly from your customers

Review and manage the calendar of scheduled orders

View your rendered services manifests

Download detailed service, team and customer reports

Meet Logistics by OnTrack Enterprise

Effective management and real-time monitoring of logistics services

Logistics integrates satellite vehicle monitoring tools with field service management into a single platform, and delivers the collected data to help you efficiently plan your operation and deliver accurate, high-quality services to your customers.

Visualize the journey of your vehicles in real time

Turn your vehicles on or off remotely

Get detailed reports of routes, door openings and pre-operational checks

Receive routine maintenance and document alerts

Plan and assign services to your operators, and monitor their status

Receive and manage customer requests

Join the companies that already use OnTrack Enterprise services, and you will get the highest accuracy in monitoring and managing the delivery of your services.

Implement OnTrack Enterprise in your operation today!

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