OnTrack Access for School & Staff

OnTrack Access

Increase security in your organization with an advanced mobile contactless access control platform

With OnTrack Access, companies and educational institutions can monitor the entry and exit of people to and from their facilities, by means of technological tools specially developed to facilitate the accurate and efficient recording of activity at doors.

Increased security in the entry and exit of fixed and floating population

Adaptability for use on different mobile devices

Occasional and recurring guest management module

Possibility of integration with barriers and surveillance systems

Waiting room functionality for peak door traffic times

How does OnTrack Access work?

Through the interaction between mobile applications, OnTrack Access validates each user entering or leaving the organization, interpreting data from physical ID cards with NFC chips, or virtual ones with QR code and dynamic key.

OnTrack Access has already helped more than 20 organizations improve their internal security and reduce unjustified absences by constantly monitoring their members’ clocking-in and clocking-out activity.

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