OnTrack School

OnTrack School

Enhance school security and streamline attendance logistics with OnTrack School mobile app system

Families at ease, community secured

OnTrack School is a mobile application platform that enables interaction between your institution’s coordination and parents, within the school transportation process and the access control of individuals to the institution’s facilities and spaces.

With OnTrack School, you and families in your community can stay informed in real-time about when, with whose authorization, and by what means students, employees, and visitors entered and exited the school.

Technology for school safety

OnTrack School - Rastreo vehicular sin dispositivos GPS
Tracking of school transportation routes

OnTrack Road: real-time monitoring of school routes

Plan, manage, and track your school routes with state-of-the-art tracking technology that saves costs, optimizes resources, and reduces student wait times at bus stops.

Get real-time vehicle location updates every 5 seconds, and provide families with a safe and efficient school route.

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School access control

OnTrack Access: empowering school access control

Manage and monitor the entrance and exit of all members of your academic community, stay informed in real-time of who is inside your institution, and obtain detailed attendance and schedule reports.

With advanced software and hardware solutions, maintain control of populations that enter and exit your educational center on a daily basis.

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OnTrack Market - Gestión de tiendas escolares

OnTrack Market: streamlined school store management

OnTrack Market revolutionizes the shopping experience in school stores by offering a secure and convenient solution for your community.

Through this innovative purchasing system, parents, students, and staff can access food, supplies, and services within the school environment without the need for cash.

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