OnTrack Staff

Make your life easier using a real-time, modern ecosystem for company routes and entrances tracking.

OnTrack Staff offers continuous monitoring on the presence of people into company facilities, registering their access to buses and through doors using a system of mobile apps specially developed for employees, visitors and company administrators.

OnTrack Staff

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OnTrack Te Cuida
A spread preventing, life-saving initiative

With OnTrack Care, a service for the companies to track the compliance of biosafety protocols, we want to provide all businesses with a safe restart. See more.

OnTrack Scanner
Contactless technology to restart your business

OnTrack Access is our new at-door registration system, that allows employees and visitors to enter through doors by only using proximity ID cards or registering in mobile apps. See more.

How does OnTrack Road work for companies?

OnTrack Road platform allows real-time interaction among company administrators, bus drivers and employees, improving transport operations, through apps specially designed for each one of them.

OnTrack School


Through the administrator web service, they are able to:

  • Easily plan bus routes and track them in real-time
  • Control their employees daily assistance
  • Manage the compliance of security regulations
  • Download vehicle, routes and maintenance reports
  • Make financial management on their transport operation
OnTrack School


Using the mobile app specially designed, they can:

  • Track the location of their bus in real-time
  • Get notifications when the vehicle is near their bus stop
  • Know when the bus is late or there’s an unexpected event regarding the route
  • See pictures and information about the vehicle and bus driver assigned to their route
OnTrack School

Bus drivers

In the OnTrack Driver mobile app, they are able to:

  • See the bus stop assigned to every passenger
  • View the best way to get to the first bus stop
  • Receive notifications through voice commands
  • Complete their vehicle’s pre-operational check-up form before starting their operation
  • Get notifications sent by the administrator, and also make reports, about traffic and road contingencies

These are the benefits of using OnTrack Road in your company

Manage your vehicles, plan your routes and improve travel times

Give real-time information about current routes to employers and employees

Handle your service charges and payments efficiently

Easily download routes, vehicles and maintenance reports

Join now the group of cutting-edge companies already using OnTrack Road, and start improving your transport operations. Contact us.

OnTrack Care, for a safe activities restart

We want to help companies to safely restart their activities, applying the biosecurity protocols established by authorities, focusing on covid-19 spread prevention.

That’s why we created OnTrack Care, a system that will help you supervise individual health reports in real-time.

Contact us so our team of experts can tell you more about OnTrack Care for your company.

Monitor the access of employees and visitors into your company facilities

Our new automatic assistance registration system, OnTrack Access, is the perfect solution for tracking the entrance of employees and visitors into your company. It can be installed in doors and buses, and everytime someone gets in they will be able to register through their smartphone or by hovering their ID card.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Installing OnTrack Access you will:

Know instantly when an employee or visitor gets in or leaves your company.

Upload lists of persons authorised to get into an entrance or bus to allow their access.

Enable the access only to the persons who previously sent their health reports.

Easily manage permissions for your employees.

Include OnTrack Access in your operation and join now the group of companies already living in the future! Leave your contact info below so we can tell you more.

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